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Channel Name Channel Description
#-general A general channel for discussion around embedded finance, sharing news, resources, and asking questions. This channel can be the go-to place for anyone who needs help or wants to engage in discussions related to embedded finance.
#-introductions This channel is used for new members to introduce themselves and get to know other members of the community. This can help build relationships and foster a sense of community within the group.
#-corporate This channel is focused on discussions around implementing embedded finance solutions in larger organizations. Members can share their experiences and discuss best practices for integrating new financial technologies into existing infrastructures.
#-startups This channel focuses on discussions around starting and growing an embedded finance start-up. Members can share experiences, ask for advice, and receive feedback from other members who have gone through the same journey.
#-investors This channel is used by investors to share their experiences and discuss investment opportunities related to embedded finance. Members can discuss industry trends, investment strategies, and share due diligence research with each other.
#-events This channel is used to share info about events related to embedded finance such as conferences, webinars, and meetups. Members share info about events they are attending or organizing and connect with other members who are interested in attending.
#-jobs This channel is used for members to share job openings related to embedded finance or for members to share their resumes. This channel helps members connect with potential employers or find job opportunities within the community.
#-resources This channel is used to share resources related to embedded finance such as articles, research papers, and books. Members can share their own resources or recommend resources they have found helpful.

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  1. Maintain a respectful and professional demeanor in all communication. Refrain from using language or a tone that could be perceived as offensive, derogatory, or discriminatory.
  2. Keep all discussions relevant to embedded finance. This forum is intended specifically for exchanging information, insights, ideas, and opinions regarding topics related to embedded finance. Please avoid discussing unrelated matters or engaging in off-topic conversations.
  3. No self-promotion. While sharing relevant content or resources is encouraged, refrain from utilizing the forum to advertise own products or services.
  4. Provide constructive feedback. If you have differing opinions or views, express them in a constructive manner and be open to the perspectives of others.
  5. Respect confidentiality. Do not disclose confidential or proprietary information belonging to your organization or any other entity.
  6. Avoid spamming or excessive posting. Repetitive posting of messages or irrelevant content constitutes spamming and is not permitted.
  7. Adhere to Slack's guidelines. Slack has its own code of conduct and regulations that must be followed while utilizing the platform. Familiarize yourself with these guidelines and adhere to them when using the forum.

These rules or code of conduct will help establish a positive and productive environment for discussions pertaining to embedded finance on a Slack forum, while ensuring that all participants maintain a professional demeanor and respect the confidentiality of others.